SSD5 or Trigger not showing up in Studio One 5 on Windows

1. Open Studio One. Go to Help > Open Settings Folder
2. Quit Studio One.
3. Rename or delete the x64 folder in the settings folder.
4. Open Studio One and see if the plugins scan in.


Studio One 5 has some serious bug when it comes to rescanning in Plugins on Windows, so we recommend trashing the Plugin preferences for Studio One if resetting the blacklist doesn't help. 


  1. Select the VST plugins folder in the Plugin Manager. 
    Navigate to Studio One preferences tab and select VST plugins under the "Locations" tab
  2. Reset the Blacklist
    Press the Reset Blocklist button and hit apply.
    Restart Studio One. 
  3. Trash the Plugins Preferences. 
    If the plugin still doesn't show up navigate type in %appdata% in the home tab and go to  AppData/Roaming/Presonus/Studio One and delete the X64 folder then relaunch Studio One. 
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