How To Add 3rd Party Samples In SSD5.5 To Create Your Own Kit

SSD5.5 makes it very easy to add your 3rd party samples (as one-shots), to make your own kit. 

1. SSD 5.5 can switch between 'Instruments' and 'Samples' views. By default it is set to the 'Instruments' view. 


2. To add load your own 3rd party samples, first hit the 'Samples' button in the middle left of the plug-in window. This will bring up an 8X4 grid to load samples, and the drum kit GUI should no longer be visible. Then, hit the create tab to bring up the Sample Browser. 


       Note: SSD5.5 can load 16 and 24 bit 44.1 kHz WAV files

       Note: Unlike the SSD5 sounds, 3rd party samples can only be loaded as one-shot's, and cannot make use of velocity-sensitive layers, round-robin, etc. 


3. The OneShotSamplesData folder is automatically selected as your SSD5.5 includes two preinstalled WAV samples. To add your own sample folders,  the "Add" button and locate the desired folder. Then drag samples to the empty cells. 


4. Once a sample is loaded, you’ll need to map it to their corresponding MIDI notes in the Articulation panel. Unlike the SSD5.5 instruments, 3rd-party sounds cannot be mapped in the Map section. 

Hit the "Edit" tab on the left side of the plug-in window. Then click on the cell with the sample you want to map, to bring up its articulation menu. Hit "ML" and use your MIDI keyboard/e-drum kit to assign it to the desired note/pad. Users can also do this by programming a note into their DAW's piano roll. 


5.  For samples with long release times, users can adjust the ADSR to make it so the sample only triggers as long as a note is being held. While in the "Edit" tab, click on a sample to bring it's ADSR controls up. Then shorten the sustain and release times as desired. 





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