SSD5 Grooves Not Loading/Loading Incorrectly

Many users have been noticing errors when trying to load grooves into SSD5.

One common error is that grooves load with added space to the start/end of the MIDI file, or that they load incorrectly, resulting in midi files that contain just a few notes. 


This error almost always happens when a user tries to load a third-party groove, or a groove from an older SSD, into their DAW. Such grooves have been known to have issues when loaded from SSD. Please note, SSD5 currently does not support third-party/previous version grooves.  We do plan to release an update that addresses this issue, though we currently do not offer a fix for this. SSD5 currently only supports the included 5 Core groove libraries.


 As a workaround we recommend dragging the MIDI files from Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).


Tempo Information Error

For Logic users, they may get the message: "Import Tempo Information". When they try to make a suggestion, the message will keep appearing. This happens when you try to drag grooves from the category section, which is not the correct way to import grooves.


Users are supposed to drag grooves from the groove section, not the category section. In most DAW's, SSD wont even let this happen. In Logic however, SSD will let users drag from the grooves section, but there will be the aforementioned glitch. 


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