Select Base Directory+License File(s) Trigger

Please view the video above or follow the instructions below: 

After the installation process you will need to Select the Base Directory and if you have expansion packs, the License File within Trigger.


Launch Trigger within your DAW and click the "Settings" tab.


Your Library folder is what you choose to name it. We title this “Trigger Instruments Folder” in the Trigger manual.  In the video, above, it is simply titled “Trigger”. We recommend placing this in your “Documents”.


The License File is a .tlc file extension and is available for download in yellow at the top of the download directory. 

Additionally, if you have any of the expansion packs you will need to Select a License File for each. This includes the Terry Date, David Bendeth, and Blackbird Expansion Libraries.

After selecting the correct Base Directory and appropriate License Files you may have to refresh Trigger in order for your Library to appear.

Under “Browser” you will see the "refresh" button.


You’re good to go!

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