Error: We noticed you are running an older version of Trigger

Those who purchased Trigger EX may get the following error when trying to install the latest version of Trigger 2 from the Slate Audio Center:


Trigger EX users will need to purchase the upgrade from EX to Platinum, in order to install the latest version of Trigger. This can be done by logging in to, and going to the "Trigger EX" product page. 



Registering the new license:

Please do note that there are two different Trigger licenses. The older license, "Trigger" is for all versions of Trigger prior to the update that was released on 5/28/20. This license can only be activated on iLok dongle. 



The newer license "Steven Slate Trigger 2", is for all versions of Trigger after the update that was released on 5/28/20, including any version that will be installed from the Slate Audio Center. This license can be activated via either machine ID, or iLok dongle.  


Once users purchase the upgrade, they will receive the newer iLok license to whatever iLok ID is linked to their Slate user account. 



To activate this license, log in to iLok License Manager. Then search for "Steven Slate Trigger 2". Then activate it to a valid location, by hitting the checkmark in the upper right corner. 


Make sure to also search for the older license "Trigger". If this license is currently activated to a present iLok dongle, make sure to de-activate it by hitting the "X" in the upper right corner. 




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