How to add 3rd party wav. file samples Into Trigger 2

In addition to being able to load the stock library sounds and user-created .TCI's (which can be made in the Trigger Instrument Editor app), Trigger 2 allows for users to import there own 3rd party .wav files to use as one-shot samples.* Loading these sounds into the Trigger library is a straightforward process. 


*Only users who have purchased the full version of Trigger 2 will be able to load their own .wav files. Trigger 2 Free does not allow for users to load sounds (.wav or .tci) besides what is included in the free library.  


How to add 3rd party wav. file samples Into Trigger 2


1. In your computer's Spotlight (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows), search and locate the folder called "Trigger2 Library". 




Now take your .wav samples and drop them into this folder. Make sure to drop your files into the base Trigger2 Library folder, and not any of the existing sub-folders. 



NOTE: Users who plan to load a large number of .wav samples into their Trigger2 Library can also create a new folder, and name it "wavs", and move all of their samples into this folder. Then drag this file into the Trigger2 Library. This will keep your folder structure more organized. 


2. If Trigger is already loaded in your DAW, go to the "Browser" tab within the plugin. Then hit the "Refresh" button, and you should see your .wav samples. 


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