Trigger 2 Gate Not Working


Note: Trigger 2’s gate feature is activated with a Trigger Platinum iLok license only. If you have an EX license this feature will not operate.


New Trigger 2 Platinum users will not be able to access the gate function, if they previously purchased Trigger EX, and the license is still activated.

The Platinum and EX licenses cannot be on the same iLok dongle, as Trigger 2 will still register the EX License.

In order to access the gate function and all of the Trigger Platinum features, deactivate the EX license from your iLok. You can do so by following these steps:

1. Open iLok License Manager. Log in to your iLok User Account.

2. Select your iLok (Underneath "local").

3. Highlight Trigger, and click deactivate ("X" Icon in upper right corner). 


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