MIDI Learn and Mapping in SSD5.5


Mapping and MIDI Learn Section

The MIDI Learn and mapping section can be accessed by first clicking on the "Map" Tab, on the left side of SSD 5.


Two different options for the mapping mode will then appear.

  • Map: Shows the actual samples that are triggered by the MIDI Note
  • CC: Adjust the MIDI CC value of the MIDI notes
    • Use multiple profiles for different MIDI controllers (eg: MIDI Keyboards, Electronic Drum Kits, Drum Pads, etc)

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 4.34.38 PM.png

for now, we will focus on the "Notes" mode. We will focus on the "CC" mode later in this article. 

"Notes" Mapping Mode:

To map an articulation to a note, users can drag the articulation from the right hand side column, to left hand column. 

  • Using the map tab to assign an instrument to a note that already has assignment will simply override the original instrument, rather than stack them simultaneously. For stacking articulations on a note, refer to here:

Users can also right click the note to remap it to any other sound or articulation in the kit.



To save and load custom or preset maps:

  • Located in the bottom right corner of SSD5
  • If you're using mapping for an E-Kit, make sure to check some preinstalled kit maps


Use "Set as Default" to save the current mapping as the default map that will open when you load SSD5

  • If you'd like to reset to the factory default, you can click the "Factory Reset" button in the bottom left corner


"CC" Mapping Mode:


The "CC" mapping mode shows the assigned MIDI channels for two different CC-controlled functions in SSD5.5. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 4.49.00 PM.png

  • "Hi-Hat Pedal Control" uses foot pedal data for CC info. Most E-Drum kits use this function to track Hi-Hat pedal position, and this function is assigned to channel 4 in most DAW's. 
  • "Hi-Hat MIDI Control" uses data from MIDI channel 1 for CC info. This is for MIDI Keyboard users who wish to track Hi-Hat pedal position with a mod wheel, as the modulation function is assigned to channel 1 in most DAW's. 


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