Slate Audio Center Won't Load (OS 10.11)



Mac users who are still on El Capitan (OS 10.11) or lower may not be able to get the Slate Audio Center application to load, or will get stuck on a blank page upon opening. This issue has to do with the root TLS certificates issued by DST Root CA X3. The legacy systems have not had their certificates updated, either silently or with supplemental update packs. This is an issue that has affected over 265 million websites, including our own.  All of our websites (,, etc.) and the Slate Audio Center application rely heavily on that certificate authority.



1. Download and open the new official TLS root certificate:

2. The Keychain app should appear in the dock. Click to open it. Go to the "certificates" tab, then double click on "ISRG Root X1 Certificate". 

3. Under "Trust", select "Always Trust".

4. Close the window, then enter your account password in the prompt. Then restart your computer. 


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