Multi Output in Logic Pro X with SSD5


1. Instantiate the "Multi-Output" version of SSD5 on an Instrument Track. Go to the "Mix" tab in the plugin, and set the output for your tracks in SSD5 to the appropriate track in the SSD5 Mixer. 

  •  In this example, all Kick samples will be routed to "out 2 st", the snare will be routed to "out 3 st", etc.



2. Close SSD and bring up the Logic Pro mixer. Click on the "+" button on the SSD5 channel and create as many tracks as the number of outs you are using in SSD5.

  • These are the aux tracks in which your drums will be routed through
  • Input 'SSDS3-4' in the Logic mixer will correspond with 'Out 2 st' in SSD5, 'SSDS5-6' with 'Out 3 st', etc. 



NOTE: To print these tracks, you will need to select all of the SSD aux tracks in your Logic Pro mixer. Then go to File / Bounce / Track in Place. 

  • On the next screen, make sure the following two options are checked:



SSD5 Multi-Out Template Session for Logic Pro X 

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