Multi Output in Cubase with SSD5

Instantiate SSD5 on an Instrument Track and make new Audio Tracks for each instrument or group that you'd like printed

For example:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • HH
  • Toms
  • OH
  • Room

Navigate to Studio, Audio Connections, click the Output tab

  • Add a buss for each track you'd like to be printed


Set the Output for your tracks in SSD5 to the appropriate track in the SSD5 Mixer

  • In this example, all Kick samples will be routed to "out 2 st", the snare will be routed to "out 3 st", etc
  • Enable Outputs in the Inspector that are being used in SSD5


Set the inputs on each track to the output that it was assigned to in SSD5


If you'd like to bounce your drums to audio tracks, record enable the tracks and hit record in Cubase

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