Loading, Editing, and Saving Kit Presets in SSD5

Note: Be sure you have selected the proper Base Directory location selected.
If you haven't selected the base directory, you can navigate to this article

Loading Kits

  • We've provided a wide variety of kits Included in SSD5.  Select the Library that that you'd like to load from in the left hand column
  • Select the Category that you'd like to choose
  • Select the kit by double clicking the name (ie "Deluxe 2 Indy Cindy" from the Rock section of the Deluxe 2 Library)


Creating Kits

  • You can create a new kit by selecting samples from "INST" or modifying preset kits.
    • This is done by dragging and dropping individual instruments on to the kit view or sample view.
  • Make your changes to the kit
    • (ie; Changing snare balance, tuning the kick drum, widening the toms, bring up the room mics)
  • Save your Kit. Click on "Save Kit" at the bottom left corner of SSD5. Pick a name and Save the kit to the User.lib folder.


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