How to use Leakage Suppression in Logic Pro

Step 1: Set the output of the Kick Audio track to Bus 1 and pan completely to the Left

  • Name the Bus track "Kick Trigger"

Step 2: Create a prefader send on the Snare to Bus 1

  • Click and hold the send and select "Independent Pan Mode"
  • Enable "Sends on Faders" and pan the Send completely to the Right

Step 3: Insert Trigger 2 on the Kick Trigger Bus

  • Load Kick samples in the Browser

Step 4: Dial in the triggering settings

Step 5: Adjust the "Suppress" parameter to prevent the Snare bleed from triggering the Kick


Note: To suppress the bleed from other parts of the drum kit, add a send on those Audio track(s) as done previously with the Snare 

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