MIDI Mapping in SSD4

Within "Map Converter" --> "View Notes" you will notice an "Instrument" column and a "Note" column. Notice that when triggering a sample via midi the note from the "Note" column lights up blue. If a sample is not being triggered the "Note" column will light up red. You can move samples by clicking and dragging from the "Instrument" column to the "Note" column. Image below for clarification:

Mapping In SSD4

Additionally, midi notes can be changed within the "Edit Instrument" tab. Click on the individual instruments to edit. After you have created your custom map conversion, be sure to save it by clicking "Save Conversion" under "Map Converter". Additionally, you will want to "Use Mapping From Conversion" once your custom IOMap has been created.

Save Conversion

Use Mapping From Conversion

If your drum kit includes custom samples or has been put together via the INST (instrument) menu, you will want to save your kit with "Save Kit" found under "Construct Kit".

Save Kit

Please submit a request to make a ticket with a support team member if you still have technical issues.

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