SSD4 Does Not Show In Plugins Menu


To start, please make sure you have created a Stereo Instrument track within your DAW. In most cases SSD4 will not show in your plugins menu unless a Stereo Instrument track has been created.


If you are a Pro Tools user and would like to display your plugin menu by Manufacturer, go to Pro Tools Preferences. Under display make sure "Organize Plug-In Menus By: Category and Manufacturer" is selected.


I've tried the steps above and haven't gotten anywhere. What now?

Logic Pro User:

Please select the "Instrument" menu to instantiate the SSD Sampler. You will find this in Slate Digital subcategory under "AU Instruments".

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If Logic did not scan SSD4 on Launch, open the Audio Units Manager found in the Logic Pro drop down menu under Preferences.


Type in "Slate" on the search bar on the top right.


Make sure SSDSampler is listed and is checked. If "successfully validated" is not listed under compatibility, please select SSDSampler it in the list and click "Reset & Rescan Selection". If it still doesn't show, please Submit a Request to speak to a support agent.

 Ableton Live User:

Launch Ableton Live and go to preferences. Select "File Folder" to be taken to the page shown below:


 Make sure "Use VST Plug-In System Folders" is ON and then choose to "Rescan" Plug-ins.

Note*: If you are on a PC you will have to select the VST plugin folder in which the .dll file extension was installed to:


Reaper User:

Launch Reaper and go to Preferences.

Mac: Command (⌘) + , (also found in REAPER drop down menu)

PC: Ctrl+P (also found in Options drop down menu)


 Scroll down until you see "VST" under the "Plug-ins" subheading. Select "VST" to be taken to the page shown above. If the plugin file path is not selected do so by clicking "Add...". Navigate to the correct plugin file path. 

Note: If you are on a PC the file path is chosen during the installation process. MAC users default VST location is as follows:

Library → Audio → Plugins → VST → Slate Digital

Pro Tools User:

Before proceeding please make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of Pro Tools and that you are using the latest version of your Operating System.

If you are using Pro Tools 11 you will need to download the AAX installer since RTAS is no longer supported. Log into your Slate User Account to find the AAX Installer:

If you want to use AAX/32bit in Pro Tools 10 you must be running PT version 10.3.7 or higher.

Mac Owners - You can verify that the plugin installed successfully by checking the following plugin paths:

Library  Application Support → Digidesign → Plugins

Library → Application Support → Avid → Audio → Plugins


 Studio One User:

Under "Options" select Locations. You will need to add the VST folder in which SSD4 was installed to. After selection choose "Reset Blacklist".


Garage Band:

Create a software instrument track and engage the smart controls. Click the "i" to show the inspector. You will find the SSD Sampler within the Instrument plugin menu under Slate Digital.


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