Steven Slate Drums 4

1) What is the difference between SSD4 and Trigger? 

A: Please watch the video below:

SSD4 is a MIDI based sampler (virtual instrument), where as Trigger is a Drum Replacer.

2) Can I use SSD4 with my E-Kit or MIDI keyboard? What IO Maps do you have? 

A: Yes, as long as the device you're using can send MIDI information to your computer. Here are the IOMaps that are included with SSD4.

• default_map.iom
• SD4_to_Abbey_Road.iom
• SSD4_to_Addictive.iom
• SSD4_to_Alesis_DM10.iom
• SSD4_to_BFD.iom
• SSD4_to_Jamstix.iom
• SSD4_to_Roland_TD20.iom
• SSD4_to_SSD4_Standard.iom
• SSD4_to_Superior.iom
• SSD4_to_Yamaha_DTX500.iom
• SSD4_to_Yamaha_DTX900.iom
• SSD4_to_Yamaha_DTXplorer.iom

NOTE: If you own a varying model you can easily create your own IOMap.

3) How do I map my e-kit to SSD4? 

Mapping can customized within the "Map Convertor" section of SSD4.

Please view the following article for more information: MIDI Mapping In SSD4

4) What samples are included in SSD4-Platinum? What samples are included in SSD4-EX? 

Please view the following: Steven Slate Drum Locker


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