How to Move my License Activation to Another Location

The application iLok License Manager allows you to manage your UVI licenses. You can move activations between iLok dongles and computers without restriction.

  1. Open iLok License Manager and sign in.



2. Locate your license activation via your local machine or iLok dongle listed in the left sidebar.

3. Right-click the license then select Deactivate – the activation will go back to the Available Licenses view.


4. Go to the Available Licenses view then drag and drop the pending license to your local machine or iLok dongle – alternatively, you can do the same thing by right-clicking the license then select Activate and choose the desired accessible location.


- If your license does not support machine activation (e.g. the machine icon is grayed out via Valid Locations in iLok License Manager), this means your product was registered before January 2014. You can purchase additional activations for a small fee.

- If a machine is greyed out in the left sidebar, this means that this location is not accessible. For instance, if you look at the screenshot at step 3, you will see that the machine named 'iMac' is greyed out whereas the local machine named 'MacBook Pro' is not. If you need to move an activation from this greyed out machine, you need to open iLok License Manager on this machine.
- If an iLok is greyed out in the left sidebar, this means that this dongle is not recognized by iLok License Manager so its license activations are not accessible.

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