How To Install Trigger 2 on Windows



Trigger 2 Installation:

1) Upon purchasing Trigger, you should receive two emails. One will be an order confirmation, and the other will be in regards to installation. Open the email with download instructions. New users will receive a slightly different email with a different procedure than users who have already created Slate User accounts. 

2)  For new users, once you have opened the email, click the "Let's Get Started" button which will take you to our account setup process. 


You will be prompted to create a password, as well as activate your license via iLok. You can either use the suggested iLok account that we automatically create for you, or log into an existing iLok account, if you already have one. 


Next, download the Slate Audio Center application. This is what you will use to install Trigger, as well as any future Slate Audio purchases. 



3) Once downloaded, follow the prompts on the Windows installer.

4) Open the Slate Audio Center, then log in with your Slate User account. Then select Trigger2 and hit install.  


5) On the next page will be three prompts. Make sure all of them are checked. 



-The first prompt installs the actual plugin.                                                                                                      -The destination prompt will decide the location where your samples are installed. Many Windows users will have a custom VST plugin path, so please check which VST path is set in your DAW.

Note: The samples can be installed on your internal hard drive or an external hard drive
Note: Do NOT select system folders such as Program Data or hidden folder.                                                           Note: Do NOT select a folder that is synced with a cloud backup library, as this will break the libraries consistency.  Cloud

-After selecting the destination for Library, hit install to start the installation process. When the process is done, you will get the message "Successfully installed". Then hit "Back to products".

Note: If the progress bar stops and freezes before it hits 100%, this could mean the selected destination doesn't have sufficient memory. Please note the trigger Library requires at least 2.24 GB of memory.

Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to select a valid location to activate your iLok license. 


6) Open Trigger 2 in your DAW. Go to the "Browser" and you should see your samples and presets.  If the browser is empty, click on "Settings". Then click "Select Base Dir". Navigate to the "Trigger2Library" folder and click open to manual set your base directory.


-If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket here. have additional questions, please submit a support ticket here





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