How to use SSD5.5 in Pro Tools

NOTE: This article goes over setting up and using SSD5.5 in Pro Tools, after installation. If you need help installing SSD5.5, please refer to this one of these links: 

     Windows installation

     Mac installation


How to use SSD5.5 in Pro Tools


This article will go through the following steps: 

  1. How to add SSD 5.5 to a new track
  2. How to load a kit/individual instruments
  3. How to set MIDI input from a controller/E-Kit
  4. How to use SSD 5.5 in Multi-Out


1. Add SSD 5.5 to a new track:

Open a new project and load a new track. From the "New Tracks" menu, make sure to choose a "Stereo" and  "Instrument Track". 


Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.19.09 PM.png

Next, click on the Window View Selector, and make sure "Instruments is checked. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.25.39 PM.png

Users will notice a new section appear on their Instrument track. Click on the first insert on your instrument track. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.22.02 PM.png


This will bring up the sub-menus for all of your plug-ins. Hit search, then type in "SSDSampler5" and select it when it pops up. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.39.16 PM.png

Alternatively, users can hit "Multi-Channel Plug-in" and find SSD5 under either the "Instrument" Category or, "Steven Slate" in the Manufacturer list. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.43.45 PM.png

Users will notice that SSD5 now appears in the MIDI Input Selector on the Instrument track. To open SSD, simply click on the SSD5 insert. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.46.23 PM.png

2. How to load a kit/individual instruments

Open the SSD 5.5 plug-in and go to the "Create" tab (Upper left). Next to "LIBRARY", user's will notice two buttons: "Inst" and "Kits". 


The "Inst" menu is used for loading individual instruments. You can load instruments by dragging them to the corresponding pieces on the drum-kit GUI.

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 12.16.38 PM.png

                Not all libraries shown are included with SSD5Library. Some are expansions that can be purchased separately.

       NOTE: SSD 5 Classic Vol 1/2, and SSD 5 Classic Signature libraries only contain Kicks, Snares,               and Toms. 


The "Kits" menu is used for loading an entire kit preset at once. You can load kit presets by double-clicking on them. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 12.16.49 PM.png


3. Set MIDI input from a controller/E-Kit

      NOTE: User's who are writing in MIDI notes/just using MIDI grooves can skip this step. 


After plugging in your MIDI controller/E-Kit to your computer via USB, Go to the Pro Tools Menu Bar. Then go to Setup → MIDI → MIDI Input Devices. Your controller should appear in the resulting menu. Make sure it's checked. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.50.47 PM.png

If your controller doesn't appear on the list, please try un-plugging/re-plugging your USB cable, and closing/re-opening Pro Tools.  


Next, go back to the "Instrument" Section on your Instrument track. Click where it says "All", then from the sub-menu, locate the output of your controller, and choose either All Channels, or Channel 1 (since your instrument track is set to Channel 1 by default). 

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 1.56.29 PM.png

Next, click on the red dot on your Instrument track (next to the Solo button) and it should start blinking, meaning it is Record Enabled. Now you should be able to play SSD5.5 with your controller.

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 2.01.21 PM.png

Once the controller is set up, user's can map different keys/pads to the SSD instruments of their choice by going through the SSD 5.5 mapping process. 


4. How to use SSD 5.5 in Multi-Out

Users can to route different instruments/mics in SSD to different channels in Pro Tools, in order to apply different plug-ins/processing to different channels. To set this up, please refer to this link.

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