Known Issues - SSD4

[SSD-001] - Importing Session Data causes SSDSampler to crash Pro Tools upon session relaunch
[SSD-002] - Making SSDSampler Inactive in Pro Tools causes SSD to lose settings
Note: Includes Pro Tools 12.4 track "commit" and track "freeze" 

[SSD-003] - When clicking “Factory Default” in plugin menu, Pro Tools crashes
[SSD-004] - SSD4 crashes/freezes Pro Tools when the plug-in is moved between two tracks while the plug-in is open.
[SSD-005] - SSD4 1.01 AAX 32bit (Windows) does not playback MIDI correctly

Workaround: Please navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Avid/Audio/Plugins and delete ssdsampler.aaxplugin. This will allow Pro Tools 10 to utilize the RTAS version of the SSDSampler. 

[SSD-006] - Tracktion 5 64-bit SSD4 Blank UI
[SSD-007]  - SSDSampler does not display Kit Preset name in use, once closed and re-opened

Workaround: Hover over the "Kit Name" Section at the top of the SSDSampler Window

[SSD-008] - Unable to remove or name Aux tracks within the SSDSampler Mixer
[SSD-009] - no output signal in Maschine 2
[SSD-010] - SSDSampler loses settings when freezing and unfreezing a track in Pro Tools 12
[SSD-011] - Logic Pro X crash involving “Custom Name” in Plugin Manager.

[SSD-012] - Saving kits or presets through the Pro Tools window is not supported.  Please use the Save Kit button in the bottom left of the plugin window.

[SSD-013] - Kit names are out of order (macOS High Sierra only)



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