SSD4 Multi-Out (Pro Tools)

Multi-Out will enable you to route each part of your drum set (kick, snare, toms, etc...) to different channels within Pro Tools. After executing this function you will be to process your drum tracks with your plugin library.

The following information will provide a step-by-step walk-through:

Please start by creating a Stereo Instrument Track and instantiating the SSDSampler on the first insert.


The SSD Sampler can be found in the "Instrument" category. Next you will need to create Aux Tracks. These tracks will correspond with the mixer within the SSD Sampler.


In this particular case I have created 2 Mono Aux Tracks for my Kick and Snare and 4 Stereo Aux Tracks for my Toms, Cymbals, Overheads, and Room.

*Note: The Stereo Aux Tracks are used to maintain the spatial imaging of the kit.

Next I will name my tracks accordingly (see picture below)


You'll notice that I have also set the input for all my tracks (Mono 9, Mono 10, Stereo 2, etc...). I've done this by clicking on the input of the track.


Within the SSD Sampler I can route my tracks to each Aux track.



This is done by clicking on the bottom of the mixer. I have routed all Kicks to out 9 mn, Snares to out 10 mn, Toms to out 2 st, Cymbals to out 3 st, Ovhds to out 4 st, and Room to out 5 st.

Here is a Pro Tools session where outputs has been routed accordingly: SSD4 MultiOut Pro Tools

Feel free to route your tracks differently as this is what works best for my needs.

Happy routing!


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